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2014 GT500

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Wow, talk about mixed feelings. My 2014 finally came into my dealer on 24 April, but here we are on 30 April, and I still don't have it because I can't drive for another three weeks after some surgery, so my new black w/ red sits at the dealership (I've only seen it via photos) while my 2008 GT500 red w/ black is still in my garage. Here's a dirty (right after delivery and prior to installation of scoops) picture of it at the dealership.post-10652-0-98556600-1367370557_thumb.jpg


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Tell them to keep it garaged, out of the sun. Red flat stripes need protection on them to be left out like that.


Thanks! They are going to keep it inside until I pick it up; it's already been over 100 degrees out here in Arizona.
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I could drive it home for you, Make room in the garage!! LOL


Nice....you would be approximately number 20 in line for that offer. I did enjoy the video that my 25 year old son had taken of him starting the car when he went down to take more pictures at the dealer--yes, the dealer was in on it, and no he didn't actually drive it. Edited by msw.63
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