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New owner\Opnion on Wheels


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Hey everyone, been a while sense ive visted this forum. I just worked a deal on a new 2013 all black GT500 with all the options with stripe delete, has the racaros, glass roof ,electronics ,track pack, svt pp. I got the car for MSRP after arguing for 30 min about there 10k dealer mark up on the 13. Finally got them to back off that mark up as they have a 14 thats do to arrive anytime. Wish i could have got a better deal but MSRP is as much as i could get them to budge. I currently also own a paxton blown 2008 GT with a bunch of mods with only 6000 miles, i am going to return it to bone stock and sell that car and then try and sell all the gofast parts over time. My question is that i bought the Alcoas SS wheels two years ago and have been running them on my GT and really would like to keep them, whats everyone opnion on replaceing the SVT wheels on my new car with my Alcoas?

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