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I had planned on selling my shelby next week and buying a used BMW M6. My wife told me I was an idiot and to use the $15k in cash I have saved for the down payment on the bimmer nad make the shelby mine, she also asked if the M6 would have the supercharger whine, when I told her no she said I was a fool. Yes, she is a special one, she drives an X6 M. So, I have a 2012 GT 500 ignot, no stripes, SVTPP, Corsa axle backs, Nav, Lund tune, CAI, and a Pully with 2200 miles. As everyone here knows the car runs extremely well. I am looking for ideas to put my money to good use to make the car "Special". I still want the car to be a daily driver, if so I choose, and I would prefer not to pull the engine and do internal engine mods. Here are some thoughts I had, looking for some good advice:


1. Powder Coat the wheels gloss black. I like the wheels, if I could find a nice replacemnt wheel it would be preffered, I just have not seen anything that looks really sharp other than black alcoas.

2. Full Headers - any issues, krroks or other brand?

3. Kenne Bell, tvs 2300, Whipple, - need advice

4. Upgrade the cooling system

5. Suspension upgrades - What kind and what will I get for the $$

6. Larger brakes - please offer a preffereed option

7. Shifter upgrade- stock shifter seems to be a little long and I have heard there are god replacements on the market. What is the best?


This should be fun, I will do most all of the work on my own and look forward ot any guidance you can give. The car is ignot, with tinted windows, no stripes and blacked out shelby badges. I think Black wheels would be a great start, Being that 2 of my employees just bought 13's and one is at shelby have the 850hp package being installed, I feel the need to get this car on the upgrade path asap.

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Get with your tuner, discuss your goals with him, am sure he can get you where you want to be. There are too many ways to mod our cars, what I did to mine may not be the best route for you. 10 people will have 10 different options for you to follow, & 40 different mfg....................( that 850hp package is @ the crank )

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