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Kenne Bell or Whipple ?

Shelby Nick

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I'll second the Whipple recommendation, I've seen the castings on both and my personal GT500 is getting a 2.9L. But having said that, I know customers in both camps that are 100% satisfied.

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Thanks guys for the input! It would be interesting to know the counts on how many cars had the Whipple vs the Kenne Bell installed for the Shelby GT/SC package.


I bet it's close to 10 to 1 whipple.I have the whipple and it has been trouble free. I'm sure the KB is a great product but the whipple on the 4.6 engines were giving GT's at the time 550 h.p. compared to 500 h.p. on the KB's.I don't believe you can go wrong with either. Good-Luck.
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