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Tire Inflator Reload "How-To"


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As most are already aware, the tire sealer part of the inflator is a one time use tool. After discharging the sealer unit, it has to be replaced. After a quick seach, I found that the inflator side of the kit is in fact "replaceable" for future use. The kits are fairly easily found on line, and I was lucky enough to find one on E Bay. Picked it up for just over 20 bucks shipped. So for those that have never changed this unit out, I thought I would document the steps and process necessary to put it back in operating order.....


This is the item in question, in case anyone has not taken the time to inspect the unit....




Please note, again for those that have never looked at this, that it does supposedly have an expiration date. I used ours this past weekend, so you can see how far out of expiration it was. Worked just fine.


On the top of the inflator, just behind the warning sticker, is a latch. This latch needs to be flipped, to open and subsequently activate the "sealer" part of the inflator...




Open the latch, and flip the orange side of the inflator to activate the sealant.






The new inflator kit comes with the following items; Tire Goo canister, plate adapter, canister gasket, inflator hose, Torx driver, warning and expiration stickers, and disposable plastic gloves.




There are two Torx screws on the top of the orange side that need to be loosened, after which the orange side opens like a clam shell...






Completely remove the clam shell, then unthread and remove the spent bottle of tire Goo...






Now this will get you to the adapter plate. The adapter plate needs to be removed and replaced. Basically anything that the tire Goo touches, has to be replaced.




If you turn the two tabs you can see one quarter turn CLOCKWISE, it will stop at that point...




Now, you need to depress the button you can see at the top, then continue turning CLOCKWISE...




You will be able to turn another one quarter of a turn, then the adapter plate will spring out at you...




Remove the adapter plate...




Now, by going to the other side of the inflator, and pushing the inflator hose toward the area you just removed, the hose adapter will pop right out. Remove the old one, clean the area, and then feed the new inflater hose through and pull it tight...








Now place the new adapter plate in the same position the old one came off at. Press against the spring load, and turn the adapter plate one quarter turn COUNTER CLOCKWISE. It will reach that point, and click and lock...






Now you will need to depress that same button, and continue to turn the adapter plate one quarter turn COUNTER CLOCKWISE, until it locks into place...





Continued, next post

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Excellent write-up and photo essay.


'Subscribing' to keep it handy....






Phill Pollard

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