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KR Shifter Ball Adapter


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I wanted to see if anyone could tell me what the normal KR shifter thread size and count is.


My wife purchased a new KR shifter ball for me for Christmas. Unfortunately, the adapters were not shipped with it but Tim was able to get me out a set of adapters. When they arrived, I attempted to install the adapter but it would not screw onto the shifter. The size appears to be correct but the thread count is off. A quick call to Tim and he sent a second adapter but I have the same issue. I know that the standard KR ball is a 3/8-16 as I tested this at the local hardware store.


I'ld like to verify that the 3/8-16 is standard or if I have an issue with my shifter that will require a special adapter to install the new shift ball.





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Hey Mike


If the size looks close but the thread count is off, it may be a 3/8 NF 24 thread instead of the 3/8 NC thread.

If it is a metric thread, it may be something like 9 x 1.25, 10 x 1.0 or 10 x 1.5.

For a few bucks at your local hardware store, you should be able to pick up a few sample nuts that will let you determine exactly what you have on there.

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I had tested the old ball so I was able to confirm that it used 3/8-16.


I took the adapters to the local hardware store and sure enough, you were correct. The inside size/thread on the adapter is 10 x 1.25. Funny thing is that the nut that came with the adapter is also 3/8-16.


I will give Tim a call tomorrow and see if we can get things ironed out.


Thanks for the help.



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The inside size/thread on the adapter is 10 x 1.25.



That's for a 2010 or newer car.


IIRC, the '09+ earlier had 12mm threads and the FRPP (which I thought the KR's had installed) was a SAE thread.




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