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Since its snowing outside & I don't want to go out into it I got to thinking about the modifications I've done to Violet over the past few years.


I made a list;


2005 4.0 Auto, Convertible


Shelby Turn2 CS6 conversion;

Shelby CS6 front bumper

Shelby CS6 lower grille

Shelby CS6 upper grill

Shelby CS6 hood

Stainless steel hoodpins

Shelby CS6 rear bumper

Shelby CS6 Sidescoops

PIAA driving lights

Shelby CS6 graphics package

Baer Eradispeed 14" vented,slotted & cross drilled rotors front & rear

Baer GT Plus calipers (Shelby branded) front

Baer caliper relocation brackets, rear

FRPP3 suspension (struts, springs, sway bars (front & rear))

Borla catback true dual exhaust with X-pipe

8.8" rear axle with 3:55.1's

Paxton Novi 1200 intercooled supercharger

Shelby intercooler cover plate

Shelby Razor 20x9 rims (24mm offset to clear the brakes)

Shelby Terlingua brake duct kit (front)

Shelby door sill plates

CS6 Turn2 dash plaque

S H E L B Y lettering for front grille & trunklid


Over and above;



Carroll Shelby autographed airbag cover

Shelby CS6 custom leather interior upgrade

Shelby CS6 custom leather centre console upgrade

Shelby CS6 custom floor mats

Shelby CS6 custom trunk mat

Shelby CS6 custom trunk lid liner

Shelby leather ebrake handle cover

Shelby/Scott Drake map light cover

Shelby/Scott Drake door sill plate extensions

Shelby/ Scott Drake seat switch covers

Shelby/Scott Drake billet seat levers

Shelby billet e-brake handle cover

Shelby billet pedal covers

Shelby billet dead pedal

Silverhorse Racing billet interior door handles

Silverhorse Racing billet window switch plates

Silverhorse Racing billet door lock pockets (black anodized)

Silverhorse Racing billet door lock knobs

Silverhorse Racing billet HVAC control knobs

Silverhorse Racing billet shifter bezel

UPR billet cup holder surround

Action Artisty door mirror control bezel



Vinyl graphics removed & painted back on

Antenna delete

Agent47 door mirrors (painted & striped to match the car)

1969 Shelby grille emblem

Mustang GT rocker covers painted body colour

Shelby billet hoodpins

FRPP FR500 faux gas cap

Custom painted third brake light cover

Shelby billet fuel filler door (custom painted to body colour)

Scott Drake billet gas cap


Under the hood, Drivetrain, Brakes, Chassis & Exhaust;

Shaftmasters 3.5" one piece aluminum driveshaft

Shelby GT500 vented brake backing plates (front)

Shelby GT500 billet lowering engine mounts

JBA Ceramic coated shorty headers

FRPP Stinger mufflers

Shelby/redline tuning elite hood struts

Shelby/redline tuning elite trunk struts

Shelby billet battery clamp

Shelby/Scott Drake brushed stainless steel fender bolts

Shelby/Scott Drake brushed stainless steel hood bolts

Shelby billet engine bay dress up kit (oil cap, rad cap, washer fluid cap, dipstick handle & brake fluid cap)

Shelby rear strut tower brace


Audio & Electrical;

Kenwood DDX6019 HU

Kenwood BT300 Bluetooth module

Kenwood KNA-G510 navigation module

Kenwood Sirus radio module

Shelby/kicker 8" door subs

Infinity reference 6832cf's speakers (front & rear)

CDC Sequential Tailight harness

PIAA Xtreme white headlight bulbs


Wish list;

Super six motorsports stage3 heads & cam

Super six motorsports forged internals

Shelby tubular K member

Shelby tubular adjustable A arms

Shelby billet rear trailing arms

Shelby adjustable panhard bar

Shelby adjustable upper rear control arm


Well that's as best I can remember things off the top of my head anyway.


What have my fellow CS6 owners done with their rides?

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not that much...lol


You've made some nice mods to yours Randy, bet you're not that far off :)


Wait a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor. If you don't get better weather your going to end up in the poor house.


Spring was here but seems to be taking the weekend off :(. The day has, dangerously, been spent browsing online parts stores - so yes I need some outdoors time so I at least slow down :)

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Yes Steve I've spent a bunch of time and money myself..


I've actually forgotten some of what I've installed...


When I bring the car out I'll make a list...right before I put it away again...lol


With the exception of having my Son drive it to the 50th bash at Carlisle last year


It's only been out of the garage three or four times in as many years.

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Well Steve...I guess it's basically logistics...


I have the 2010 GT-500 which I usually drive for pleasure and a 1996 vert I've had since new which is stored most of the time as well.


I need a truck for my business so I spend 80% of my driving in the F150.


I keep everything except the CS6 at the shop so usually it's the convenience of swapping vehicles.....but I think the biggest reason is fear of damage.


Ever since they discontinued the CS6 program I've driven the car less every year.


All the other vehicles can be dropped off at Ford and repaired but finding all the parts to put the CS6 back together... not so easy.


I now reserve the CS6 for the occasional car show and late night drive when your not fighting 8 lanes of crazy traffic everywhere you go.

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