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Plug & play heat exchanger/fans


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A while back somebody was commenting that a true plug/play HE with dual fans was in the works, but I can't find the thread. I know the new 2013 OEM HE is a drop in but I want the higher capacity dual fan model. Was I just dreaming it?

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I thought I read where someone had put one together that didn't require cutting any body parts and was wired where you also didn't have to cut into the wiring. Thanks



The only wiring I had to "cut into" was a splice into one of the IC coolant pump wires. It is used to trigger the relays that turn the fans on.


I didn't find any need to cut into any body parts either. I can't remember if I drilled a hole in the rt. ft. frame horn to mount the relays or if I used a existing hole but either way, THAT'S the extent of "cutting" anything, in my case.


I used the power lug at the rear of the fusebox to power the fans, with a fuse in each one as close to the lug as I could get it.


I'm SUPER anal so all of my wires had to be exactly the same length, routed nicely, etc. I also used corrugated conduit to run my wires through (available at any parts house).




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