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Torque Specs for Alcoa 20's?

frank bullitt

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Anyone know the torque specs for 20 Alcoa Wheels? I ran a search and found a comment on 18' KR Alcoa Wheels needing higher torque than what is normally called for. Not sure about Alcoa 20's though.



I assume you're asking about the lug nut torque....


The torque on a fastener is determined by the diameter of the threads and somewhat by the material you're bolting into, if into something other than a nut.


Unless you put a lager dia. stud on it, the torque should be the same regardless of what wheel you're using.


You should be able to find a chart on the Internet that tells you the max torque for each diameter of bolt/stud you have. I think I have one in my machinist tool box but we're in the middle of a blizzard right now so I won't be checking anytime soon!




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Let me check my SS manual to see.....oh wait, we still don't have a manual do we. :hysterical2:


All kidding aside, I have my Alcoas torqued to 100 ft/lbs.


Give them some time; we aren't even into the next generation of mustangs yet.

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