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60-Second Test Drive: The Shelby GT350

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60-Second Test Drive: The Shelby GT350


You have 24 hours with a supercharged 2013 Shelby GT350 in Gotta Have it Green. That’s not enough time to paint it a different color, plus that bright verde kinda grows on you after awhile–or maybe it just burns out the color receptors in your eyes, but we’ve already wasted five minutes talking about it.


You have 23 hours and 55 minutes with a supercharged 2013 Shelby GT350. That’s 624 horses and six gears to whip them with, but first you have to pick it up, only you’ll get locked in a stairwell for 20 minutes because you chose the wrong door, and also, the Mopar gods are punishing you for being so excited about driving a Mustang. Maybe that only happens to me. Anyway, by the time you adjust the black Katzkin leather seat as far forward as it will go (because you are so very short), taking a moment to admire what is for Shelby, a rather restrained use of Carroll Shelby’s signature on the console plaque, and find your way out of the evil parking garage of doom, you have 22 hours and about 40 minutes to find out what the 350 is made of. . .read more here.

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