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Super Snake hood vents on SGT hood?

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Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on here. Between work, school, and finding my soon-to-be wife I've had very little time or money for the SGT but it looks like things are starting to change in that arena.


One of the mods I'm looking at down the road a few months are the Super Snake hood vents. Does anybody have any experience on installing these on the SGT? Is it as simple as cutting holes in the hood (which I cringe at the thought of) and taping them to the underside of the hood?


Looking for any info anybody could provide on this. Thanks!

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If you want a functional hood, save yours and get a Shelby deep draw Terlingua hood. Just my 2-cents



I toyed with getting the Hertz hood for a long time, but I decided I wanted to stay as close to stock as possible. I want the look of the factory hood with the SS vents beside the center scoop. Think 67 GT500 Super Snake...

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