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Should I keep my stock wheels/tires?


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I just had my Alcoas installed with Michelin Super Sports and American Muscle TPMS system. Got the stock wheels/tires/TPMS in the garage. Should I keep or sell? Tires have 1100 miles on them, excellent shape, etc. These are the smoked wheels with the performance package. Any ideas as to prices to ask? I don't have a clue. Thanks.




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I am in the same boat, but mine are the 08 model. Which aren't nearly as nice as the later models. I keep debating to sell them or just keep them. They really don't sell for much, so I figured I would just keep them in case I want to put everything back to stock someday.

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With the Alcoa wheel run completed, it may be hard to replace a damaged wheel if it happens. IMHO I would

hang onto the original rims as a backup in case one of the Alcoas get damaged.

Also, if you have the svtpp rims verses the stock, they are worth quite a bit more money.


The Alcoa's look great on your car!!!

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