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Hey everyone!


John Farmer recommended a shop to me to have some work done on my 2007 GT500. The shop he recommended to me was is owned and operated by a guy name Jim, "The Fox Shoppe". I wanted everyone to know if you are in need of help with any modifications, assistance or even just recommendations and information Jim at THE FOX SHOPPE is the guy to talked to! The Fox Shoppe is not a large shop BUT, Jim is very knowledgable, will take the time to talk to you and does excellent work!


Jim can be contacted at 503-358-8656 :happy feet:




Don Hamilton

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So far I just had him install some 3:73 gears for me, he did a great job, very detailed!


Talking about a pulley change-out on my TVS SC and a better tune, nothing crazy, but just like money, you can't have enough!


He is also installing a in-ground dyno, so I have him tune it and see what we are getting!




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Yes I will be re-visiting Jim again too!


Jim is always willing to viist with you, share his knowledge and give you sound advise, like told Jim, I will be back!


I was talking to him about a change to my SC pulley and a another tune, but, this will have to wait now for a bit as I have run into some wheel fitting issues with the rear Shelby Extreme Brake package and my CS40 wheels, and apparently this error is of my own doing, ouch! My wife is a little unhappy with me right now becuase of the extra expeniture that I am having to experience to resolve the issue!

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I had Jimmy install a set of M-5300-L Ford Racing springs yesterday. Great stance with mild rake. He is definately a mustang guy and The Fox Shop in Portland is now my go to place for all my Shelby GT500 needs.

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