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Shelby GT500 Hood Pin Kit

V8 Venom

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Hi Guys, New member here. I bought a 2007 GT500 last October with only 1360 miles on the car... It's been hibernating in the garage waiting for spring. Here's my question... I want to install the GT500 hood pin kit, but the Shelby store does not have them in stock. I called them over a month ago and was told by their sales rep they would be in stock in a week or two, still no dice. I called again today and was told they have no clue when they will get them. I then called "Champion Mustang" and their sale rep said they are on a nation wide back order. He then said they are manufactured by Scott Drake.... He said let me check with them since I have a direct contact that can give us ETA. After about 10 mins.on hold he told me that Shelby has not placed an order for the GT500 hood pins since 2011. WTF!!!


I know this is getting long winded... Back to my question... What is the difference between the GT500 hood pin kit and the regular hood pin kit without the logo? Are the studs the same length? I do know that I need the "Installation KIt". What has me concerned is on the Shelby stores web page http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/p5r3z-6316892.htm it says the GT500 hood pin kit is the only one that will fit the GT500... but yet they all look the same for the most part. Any suggestions or insight would be great! Thanks, Paul

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Welcome to Team Shelby. You might want to look through the garage photos for a GT500 with the hood pins and send them a message to see if they have any issues. I do recall some early SGT owners having issues with lanyards rusting. Scott Drake does make a lot of those early products.

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