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For the Next James Bond

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This $3K Aston Martin stroller redefines child-rearing decadence

12 hrs ago



Looking for a way to ensure your child will be a pampered monster before he or she is able to walk? Why not this buy $3,000 Aston Martin stroller? Billed as "the ultimate contemporary pram," (and side note, while "pram" is what the English call strollers, "ultimate contemporary pram" should also be a derogatory term for people who buy this thing,) this sucker's got a "precision engineered" chassis, puncture-proof tires, a lining made from something called "Alcantara, an extraordinary luxury material," and it'll do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. OK, that’s not actually true. But it is true that only 800 of these limited-edition"travel systems" will be built, so if you want your baby to travel like James Bond, start saving now. [Source]

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LOL saw that!


I'm hoping the next Bond movies includes a Mustang....hasn't happened since the early 70's I think....

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