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Are new 2012 GT-500s Still Around?


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I look for them on Ebay all of the time. I have seen a few brand new ones recently. I only saw one new 2012 listed right now (it was in Michigan), but there are no pictures. Keep checking though, I'm sure there are plenty out there!

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For Linvx: Indeed there was a 2012 GT500 (300 miles on the clock) w/SVT package, Glass roof, Recaro seats and OEM car cover available at a Ford Dealer in Victoria BC. I had just returned from a trip to the 'old' country on Dec 15th 2013.... surfing the net "GT500s for sale" possibilities. An enterprising salesman from this dealership displayed it and I had to call him to confirm the price..... once I was convinced I got serious about the purchase. Long story short, I bought this machine sight unseen..... because I live in Vancouver, BC (mainland) whilst the vehicle was in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. It all happened on Dec 23rd 2013 and the car was delivered to me by the dealership CFO who came over for Boxing Day dinner with family on Dec 26th.... and my insurance man came into his office to fix up some insurance to back up the deal..... on Boxing Day 2013.... I guess the deal was meant to be because I've not regretted the deal one bit...... Owning a GT500 is an honour.... in my opinion. I'm old enough to remember the original GT500s of the 60s.... they were out of reach then.... but I have one now.... FYI: I have the Build Sheet framed on my wall..... it's MSRP was 66,249.00 CAD however I got it for considerably less taxes in (12% on top of agreed-to price)... Fully warranty began the day of the deal. The sad part was I simply had to part ways with my 2008 pristine Mustang Bullitt..... she was a sweetie..... Like losing a love..... Yeah I like my cars.....

PS: My picture is of the aforementioned machine as it's pictured still in dealership lot....

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