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BATTERY - When to change original from factory?


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I have an 08' GT500, and it has about 5,000 miles on it. I start it up on the weekends when I can't drive it, but I think I'm feeling a slight hesitation, but she still starts every time.


I have never used one of those Battery Tender products, but I'm wondering, since, it's going on 5 years, should I replace the OEM battery with a new one?


Also, if replacing the OEM battery, should I just go with the exact one from Ford?


Lastly, any issue with swapping it out myself? I only ask if there has been an issue with even changing out batteries, as I had an issue with another car of mine where the car's computer had to be reset and only the dealer could do it...some crap like that.


Anyway, I appreciate any feedback on this...thanks!

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On my 2007 I drove it to work one day and then home. Went out to start it to go somewhere and it was totally dead. This was

the original battery and this happened late in 2012. 5 years from a battery is good. I was going to go to one of the

yellow top batteries, but decided to replace it with the original from Ford. I took the battery down to have it tested just

to be sure and it was dead. I think AutoZone and the type will test your battery for free to see what kind of cranking amps

it has. But you are probably close to time to need to change it. I changed mine myself with no issues. I have

never heard of a car/truck needing to be reset by the factory. Good luck.

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I had a similar experience to tradde with the six year old battery in one of our other cars so I just had the Ford dealer replace the 5 year old battery in my '08. $130 installed for a Motorcraft MAX with 3 year free replacement and 100 months prorated.

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Mine is still kicking, just over 5 years old. I will replace it when it dies, I do not see any reason to do so sooner.


I plan to replace it with a Ford one when the time comes.


That's my plan as well. Heck, it could last 10 years or better. Also, batteries can be tested.







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I've posted in another thread that my factory battery is still working perfectly, and when it's time, I'll spend the $88 on FordParts.com to get another one.

It sat through three NY winters, outside, covered in snow, then a few Nevada desert summers with not a single issue. These things are GOOD.




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Great replies guys...thanks! I put a volt meter on it yesterday and it was 12.20 before starting...I'm just going to test it from time to time.


Voltage is not the only thing to check. You need to check how many amps it's putting out. It may still show

12+ volts and not be able to start the car.

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A reason to do it sooner is that you do it on your schedule, not the battery's. It could fail at midnight on a cold, rainy night far from home.



+1, the battery may die when you least expect it to and during the most inconvenient time. I got lucky, mine went in my own driveway. I noticed at 9:30pm but was able to get to the store in time just before it closed to get a new one.


5 years, no matter the mileage, is about the lifespan of a good automotive battery.

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