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Mopars at the Strip, March 22 - 24, 2013

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Anyone going to bring their Dodge Shelby vehicles to the annual Mopars at the Strip this year? I go every year and its pretty cool. Lots of nice classic vehicles and I sometimes see a few Shelby Dodge cars or Trucks there.





MATS is the same weekend as the Shelby Bash this year so who knows perhaps some of the SoCal Shelby Dodge enthusiasts that have been MIA from the Bash events will come on out.


If I recall last years bash had zero Shelby Dodge's and the year before that only one Shelby Dodge enthusiast, from NorCal, showed up. Will have to wait and see what this year brings.



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I has heard in the www.turbo-mopar,.com MATS thread that a couple (GLH & Spirit R/T) were gonna make it?

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Went to MATS and not a single Dodge Shelby this year. It actually seemed like the entire MATS was way smaller than last year. Might be the economy.



I've missed attending the MATS the last couple of years but did make it out there breifly on Saturday. I too felt that it seemed smaller than before.


Although not a Shelby, Boyd had his gold Omni GLH-t there as usual. There was also a 1987 Shelby CSX in attendance.



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The event is on its last legs. Far fewer cars, at least two less rows of swap meet spaces and 50% less venders. When Mopar stalwarts like Indy Cylinder Heads don't show-its in trouble. Attendance has been in a steady decline for the last four years.

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