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Who is in Vegas and who wants to go out and cruise


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As the title says, who is in Vegas and who wants to get out and drive their car.

Myself and another member are at Cars n Coffee Las Vegas every Saturday. While this is a great event, we were thinking that maybe we could get a group together to meet there and head out on a weekly cruise rather than park the cars for 2-3 hours. There are plenty of destinations and routes to take a long cruise on.

The thought is to have something very informal with everyone suggesting a different route weekly.

We are thinking of kicking this off on March 2.

Obviously, this would not happen the week of the Bash.

If you are interested, I can be reached via PM or email jflihan1@aol.com

Or call or text Ron at 702-496-4448

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I would like to go out and cruise, but Saturday is my Monday at work :(


Jim, do you still have your 2013 GT500?



Hey Matt. Sold the 13. Kept the 07.

On the prowl again though. Should have just kept the one I had. :cry:


Maybe we should try and do a Friday night cruise.

Couple of :beerchug: and a bite to eat.

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Im available most weekends, but some weekdays I also have off. The vegas folk should plan these occasionally, thanks Jim for taking the lead...just 1 cricket.



Hey Wayne.

Sooner or later we will nail this thing down.

Cars n Coffee this week??

Have to get out and detail my car tomorrow. It took a beatin at the Bash and track.

Brakes ( need to get to this ), windshield which had be done twice due to air leaks, broken shift ball ( picked up a new this week ) and the engine compartment is TRASHED.

But it was so much fun !!

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