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How many Super Snakes

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Amy said this would be limited.


Shebly said 1,000 40th.


If the Super Snake is Limited, is it more rare than the 40th?


How many SuperSnakes will be produced for 2007 models and how many for 2008 models?

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To quote the Motor Trend article on the Super Snake; "Shelby says the Super Snake will be in even shorter supply than the GT500KR." Maybe 500?


Which brings up another question or two. What will be the MY mix be? With production beginning in "late 2007", what will happen to those that may want both the SS and 40th packages. I thought installation of the 40th package was about ready to start at any time now.


For arguments sake let's say that SAI will build 500 total Super Snakes over the two MY year run. Will there be:

A) 250 MY 2007s and 250 MY 2008s

B) 250 SSs built in calender 2007 and 250 SSs built in calender 2008 regardless of model year

C) Just build 500 Super Snakes without regard to MY or calender year and quit when the number's hit

D) Something I didn't think of


Probably D, huh?

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