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Rear shock absorbers

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Thanks Jim.

Good question...not sure I know the answer, so I am interested to hear suggestions.


I certainly want to keep the car stock, particularly body, interior, engine, brakes, wheels, but I guess rear shocks may not be so critical if it gives me a better driving experience?



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The thing you get with the Tokicos (and with others I suspect) is the ability to adjust them for a softer ride on the street where things are not, shall we say, as glass smooth as on a race track and, when you go to the track or wish to do some spirited driving, you can crank them down. I would suggest you replace all four corners. If your rears are shot, I don't see how the fronts could still be okay. Good luck.



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I am still unable to resolve this, even through Ford with my chassis #

I understand (from the window sticker) at the Ford factory the convertibles had 17" wheels as standard, but were supplied to Shelby with optional 18" wheels.


Rear shocks seem to have Motorcraft part numbers:

ASH-1113 17" wheels

AST-224 18" wheels


Does anyone know for certain which are on the 2007 GT-H?



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