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Site blocked by McAfee

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My guess is your Company Computer doing it. Until I got a newer Computer, I was not able to check my Peronal Email Account at Comcast but I was able to at YaHoo. a few moths before that, it was the other way around. Now I can go to both with no delays.

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It is still doing it. The page at www.teamshelby.com/forums is OK, but trying to open any subforum results in a blacklist.


Go to this site:




Select McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise from the pulldown list and paste the link for the "Team Shelby Forum" (http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/forum/110-team-shelby-forum/) into the "check this URL" box.


It lists it as "malicious site" with "High Risk".


I only have this at work and my IT department won't do anything so maybe someone on the outside can check and try to get it cleared up.



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