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07SGT3324 spotted in Gorst, Wa.


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I just saw a black SGT sitting on the local Subaru dealership in Gorst,Wa. It is CSM 07SGT3324 per the dash plaque. It has about 59,000 mi. It shows a little wear but not in bad shape. The interior looked pretty good. There is not many SGT's arouind here other than mine and a friends 08 Barrett Jackson vert.

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Sad commentary on Car Shows lately - that you are parked next to someome and don't talk or get to know them - how sad. Take me back to the 60's - please.



To be fair it's a big show and I wasn't around my car that much.

My wife's Roush was also on display in another area of the park so I ended up around her's more..


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Next door to Bremerton. Don't blink when driving through it. BTW I think we were parked next to each other at the Mustang Round up in Bellevue last year.



Come on down to Grabber's this year and we can visit.

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