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Laps For Charity


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Sunday 1/26 they are holding a Laps For Charity event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Anyone else going from TS?

Did this last year and it was a great event.

Hopefully the weather clears up before then.

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That sucks !!

Have to get into the garage to check my tires as I did drive my car a couple of weeks ago during that cold snap we had.

If it is raining tomorrow, I will not be going Sunday.

Its a good time, but its no fun in the rain.

Hopefully we can meet up at Cars and Coffee soon.

Good luck with the tires. Let me know what you go with.

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The wife and I went on Sunday. It was sunny and a little windy. Kept the top down and had a blast.


Two idiots who didn't follow the rules behind us were kicked off on one lap.


It is a blast and there were a lot of cool cars to run and look at.


Looking forward to going again next year.

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