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2013 GT500 Billet engine caps


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After some reserch and speaking with the guys at Project 321 these caps sets http://www.project321.com/products_auto-FordGT500.php will work fine on 13/14 models as long as you order for the correct year. These are the same ones SPP are selling (drop shipping) and are probably the nicest (and most expensive) billet caps you can find. These are not covers for your exsisting caps other than the brake resivour, they replace all the caps in there entirity (other than the brake res), oem caps were used to make the inside of the caps so oem sealing, twist detents all will work like a factory cap.

I am still trying to decide if i can justify the cost for these but after seeing how they are machined I can see why the cost as much as they do.

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