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2013 (NAIAS) Detroit Auto Show Photos


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We've created an album for those wishing to share their 2013 Detroit (NAIAS) photos on Team Shelby.


You can upload and share and many photos as you like in this album, however, please note that each individual photo cannot exceed 2MB in data size. If you size your photo to 1000PX wide, you should be ok ;)


Here's the link to upload your greatest shots! :camera:




Step 1: Click the "Upload" button.

Step 2: Choose files from your computer.

Step 3: Once the photos upload to TS, click the "Review and Publish" button.

Step 4: Fill in the title, tags, description and copyright fields as desired.

Step 5: Click the "Finish & Publish" button.


Repeat the process. Note that you can upload 10 photos at a time if you have Adobe Flash enabled.

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