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Hey everyone, my name is Brandon, I'm 21. I joined the forum because my dad has a Shelby GT and he said he is going to pass it on to me when I graduate college. My dad bought the car brand new in 2007, it is number 4445. It has 13,xxx miles on it (I've put at least half of them on it), and it is a really fun car to drive as you all know. I drive every chance I get when I come home from college. The car has only been driven on nice days and it is garaged year round. I wash it every time I come home, I try to keep it clean. Here are some pics. These were taken after I finished polishing the wheels and exhaust tips.














Well that's it for now. I look forward to meeting everyone and in the future I want to buy a GT-H and buy another GT and put the supercharged package on it. But we shall see.

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