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New Sled


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Congrats on the purchase and arrival of the ride .... great color choice!

It's tough with the mild winter in the mid west and great lakes region. Clear, cold days or warmer than usual and wet conditions scream to get it on the road just a little bit. :) The eyes don't see snow and think "why not?" .....

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I just can't get enough of that color. I really hope that it is available on the 2015 release.



My photography skills are non-existent, and my camera is crap. That said, no pictures I had seen, either in magazines or on my computer screen, could do justice to the color. As much as I envisioned or dreamed about it or prepared for it, I was sort of taken aback when I saw the car for the first time.


Funny, when I first got to the dealer that day, they had a 1968 Shelby GT350 on the showroom floor. It was red. It was cherry, too, totally original, with 71,000 miles. It was one of those Hertz rental deals, with the automatic transmission. I guess the story was, the owner wanted to trade the car for a BOSS 302 AND an F150 EcoBoost. Dealer didn't go for it, but the guy bought the vehicles anyway. He left the 1968 Shelby there, I guess, in hopes that someone would buy it for his asking price (~$71,000), and the dealer didn't mind displaying on the show room.


I was admiring the 1968 Shelby when my sales rep Chris came up from behind and grabbed my shoulder and said, "Let's go see your car, Rick." He took me to a garage next to the showroom, AND THERE IT WAS!!!


It was more beautiful than I had ever envisioned. Way more beautiful than that Shelby I was just admiring. Prettier than Miss Alabama. (Well, almost.) Even under the flourescent lights of that garage, when I first saw my car, all I could think of to say was, "Oh, wow" -- but slowly, as if I had been stunned and lost most of my mental faculties. Like when guys (at least guys like me) encounter a gorgeous gal (like Miss Alabama) and you don't quite know what to say, other than, "Oh, wow."


Anyway, I'm really glad I selected the Red Candy. It's very similar to the Laser Red I had on my 2000 Mustang (with the little tiny gold flakes under the clearcoat). I expect that the 2014 Ruby Red color, if it's the three-step process, will also be similar. Don't nobody knows about 2015, but Ford's marketing knows that people do love red, and Ford does red with the best of 'em.

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I, like you, was unsure about red candy. I had to go to the showroom to see another red candy Mustang, and I agree--no camera will ever do it justice. It's a beautiful color. Stunning.


Sometimes disappointed my red candy deal fell through. But GB was my first choice, so I'm still happy!

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