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Hello boys and girls how is everyone? Not many people can say they own their dream car these days. Luckily i can as my wife and i purchased our dream car this week a 2007 Shelby GT500!!


I have been out of the mustang world for about 13 or 14 years. My last mustang was a 92 saleen s/c that i had to sell due to having kids about 12 years ago. When i saw the rebirth of the GT500 i told myself i had to have one LoL. So now im back!


Anyways we are really looking forward to the shelby meet in tulsa,ok this year as thats where we live. our first meet as shelby owners!

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Thanks guys for the nice welcome. Vorpal i checked out that registry website and my car has already been registered so i just added my info and updated. The crazy thing is, after i typed in my VIN# the site said my shelby was a GT500Shelby/Prudhomme Edition. I was not aware that it was. Do i go by what the registry site says it is? If so does that make the value more or the same?

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