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Carbon fiber splitter for 2102 GT350

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Hi guys, I'm new here. I had the chance to trade-in my Z06 and get the Shelby that I have always wanted so I jumped at it. So now I have this beautiful Kona blue convertible and I want to start doing some mods. I have a friend with a GT500 with a carbon fiber splitter and I really like the way it looks but I have not been able to find one for the GT350. Does anybody know where to find a carbon fiber splitter for a GT350?




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I made my own. I am hell on splitters. When I dinged the first one, I repaired the cracks and wrapped it will 3M CF pattered wrap. At 5 feet, you can tell it from the real thing.


Real CF splitters are really not a good idea. Ask anyone with a KR - if you ding it, you replace it - you can't repair it.


The stock 350 splitter is fairly flexible and the wrap is easy to touch up with a sharpie

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I'm very interested in seeing how yours looks, and how difficult the 3M product was to apply


I might follow your lead as my splitter has some nicks and damage


See you in 2 weeks!



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