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EVO magazine tests the 2013 GT-500

John Canfield

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The cowards..er, testers at the UK magazine EVO decided to attempt to ruin the reputation of our favorite 662hp Snake-mobile by trying to go really fast in the worst possible conditions. then they decided to blame all of the shortcomings on the car, and then slam it as a car not to buy.

I made the mistake of buying the latest issue of EVO and nearly chocked on my dinner at the absurdity of the article.

The short version; some idiot decided to try to see if the car would actually do 202 on the autobahn in cold weather (isn't there a warning about driving a GT500 in cold weather?), and rain (it's 662 hp...rain, serously?) while moaning about not being able to drive it on a roundabout...in the rain and cold. They complain about the traction control. They get to 180, and then on the way home, 190, all the while moaning about the interior of (what they call) a one trick pony.

Obviously since it was not conceived, designed or built in Europe it can't be any good. Obviously no one in Europe would dare buy one, much less drive it one the Autobahn or Nurbergring.

(Note to European members; this is sarcasm. I know you guys have them. I know you guys love them, I know you guys did a kick ass calendar with them...I have one of those calendars. For further help regarding sarcasm, please watch The Big Bang Theory...it helps)

I use to really like EVO. I'd buy it often. I stayed away from Top Gear, because their head guy it a weiner or a wanker or both. Haven't decided. Now I'm stuck with. Man I miss Performance Car.

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The good news is ....Those of us who own and love our Shelby's really don't have to justify the car to anyone. They don't know because they don't own one. Until you know the lineage behind the car, you're never going to "get it" either.

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It was not on last nights episode but showed a clip with Clarkson driving a blue with white stripe GT500 James May and Richard Hammond sat on a train With Clarkson saying (Lets do this for Carroll Shelby), Things may be looking up Will keep you guys posted when the episode is shown


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Clarkson drove the Shelby GT500 to Italy on last night's episode And said what we all expected that he would say about the car !!!!!!

I do not want to give to much away as it may spoil your enjoyment You may be able to pick up the episode 3 on youtube

He did say that he had a few rattles coming from the car I don't think they were coming from the car but from the cheeks of his ass as he put his right foot down LOL

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