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Any striped GT500's in Richmond, VA area


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My wife purchased a matte black racing stripe kit from RJW Motorsports for Christmas for my 2013 Mustang GT. At the time I was debating on a 2010 GT500 on weather I should purchase it or not so I waited on installing stripes. Well on 1/2/13 I went ahead and traded in the 13 and bought the 10 GT500. Well I have a stripe delete car and wanting to install the stripes. All I need is the outline for the stripes on the bottom of rear spoiler where it is cut out for the indenture in the spoiler and the outline for the stripes around the rear license plate area. My method for outline was to place a piece of paper over top of the stripes and take a pencil and scribble across the outline so then i can take back home to trace over to my stripes to cut them correctly. Is there anybody with a 2010-2013 GT500 near Richmond, Mechanicsville, King William area that is willing to help me out today or this weekend? Thanks in advance.

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