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Anyone have black rims on Vista Blue GT


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I have a 2008 Shelby GT with a traction issue due to the Whipple. I'm looking at getting new rims and tires and really like the Forgestar F14's. I'm not sure what would look better colorwise between Gunmetal or Black. Does anyone have these on their car and can post a picture?



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I don't have black rims but if you have traction issues be sure to check out Lower control arm relocation brackets. The LCA on the 07-08 Shelby when it comes from the factory has the LCA positioned wrong for good traction. I installed new BBR LCA's and lowering brackets on my 08 I can can feel a big difference in the way the car accelerates and its harder to break loose the tires now (I'm supercharged to). There is another good thread here somewhere which explains the science behind the different positions a lower control arm causes by being lower in the back than in the front.

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