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Driver side window issue

03 DSG Snake

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Here's something that I wouldn't think could pop up. The driver/passenger windows roll down a hair when the doors open to aid in the doors being shut. I noticed now that once the driver side door is closed, the window doesn't pop back up. Once I key on the car, I have to close it with the switch. Is this controlled by the SJB or a separate fuse perhaps? I don't want to have to drag into the dealer and let them dig into it.

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Try this. I copied it from another forum. After doing a search here. This procedure might be in the manual as well.








INITIALIZATION MUST BE PERFORMED WITH THE DOOR CLOSED! (For convertibles, top and the quarter glass must be in the up / closed position.)





From the



window switch


, perform the following steps without stopping:





Operate the window UP and stall for 2 seconds. (Hold The Switch)





Operate the window DOWN and stall for 2 seconds. (Hold The Switch)





The smart




window motor




will be initialized and one-touch-UP and Short Drop will be operational.



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Thanks all! I will try it when I get in this evening.



That'll take care of it. Mine loose their mind when I disconnect the battery so I have to relearn them on occasion.


Like somone else said, bring the window all the way up, then push and HOLD the button down. Keep holding it for a few seconds after the window hits bottom.


I don't remember having to to it with the "up" position, just the down but you may have to do both, or just the "UP and HOLD" (memory is the second thing to go, and I ain't talkin' about the cars memory!).



Easy Peasy,



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