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#229 on the way...


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The car arrived this afternoon. Much better than I expected it. I'm very excited and can't wait now until spring.



That's great Troy. Congrats again.


One of the forum rules here at TS is, you MUST post pix when adding to the toy box :-)



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Tom - see pic at top of post (:


There will be plenty of pics to come......It might take a while, though. The California sun and smog did a serious number on the original stripes. They look like snake skin and most of the color has faded from the roof, trunk, hood. It looks really nasty. The PO tried to remove them, but could not do so without damaging the paint so he stopped before finishing. Needless to say, the top of the car is UGLY right now. I'm taking the car to the body shop for a respray later this month or next and will post progress pics along the way.

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