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Cant keep it in the garage!


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Bought a '13 Shelby GT500 early in October (white/matte stripes), as soon as wifey gave me the green light I was on a plane to pick it up! I am blown away every time i drive this car and couldn't be happier that I waited for this as my first mustang of any kind. I've wanted this car since I was 8 years old.. it was worth the wait. I just wanted to introduce a new Shelby to the community, and I look forward to meeting good people and seeing some sexy 'stangs.














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Beautiful car! I'm sure it's worth every bit of the long wait!!


100%!! I want to mod the interior as well as a few performance boosts but overall Ford did a great job with this car.


Congrats, we need to get together one day. Looks like I may not be far away from you.


Indeed we do.. Where are you in Texas? I'm in Austin.

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Welcome to TeamShelby! :happy feet:


It's the first 2013 white with matte black stripes I've seen introduced... Sweet... :drool:


Follow your desires and DRIVE the wheels off her! :shift: They aren't flowers!


I see you are in TX. Terlingua2013 is a great event if you can get on the list.



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