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Any Kona Blue with Black Stripe and Black Alcoas out there?

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Hey all,


I'm looking to snake my car at some point and am stuck on stripe colour. The rims Id definitely get in black as I hate the blingy look, and based off this photo, I've decided they are bad ass.



As for the stripes, I can' decide.


White looks awesome, as is to be expected...but it's the safe choice and that's not something I'm going to consider lightly. I sometimes like going the unconventional route and it usually pays off.




Based off the official 2010 GT500 pics, it's hard to gauge the actual colour because the sun is blasting the car and it doesn't even look like kona, nevermind that you can't hardly see the stripe.


How not to capture Kona ^



How to capture Kona ^


Does anyone have any good pics of the Kona coloured car with Black stripes? I have a sneaking suspicion it is a killer and brutally tough looking combo but these photos don't help me at all.



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