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What's going on with the forum?

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seems like something drastic changed with the site when Robert and Sharon left Vegas......and it hasnt gotten much better since.....


I dont know if its different servers....or smaller servers or maybe that has nothing to do with it.....BUT SOMETHING DEFINATELY CHANGED....


and not for the better........

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Hummm...I've been on a lot yesterday and today and haven't see it but will keep an eye out!


As for "domain not reconcilable" that's an alert I've never seen. My first thought was a DNS lookup issue but when I googled the phrase to make sure I wasn't barking up the wrong tree the only thing that came up was your post! :-)


I'll keep an eye out as I said and I'm sure Robert will see this and investigate.

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its just always slow.......and at least once a day and usually many times a day....you cannot even to connect to the site..........as in its down......really a shame.....


lots of folks complain daily about it and say they dont bother even trying sometimes cause its been such a constant problem...

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