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Wheel help!


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I got a call from Shelby today, I totally thought I ordered matte 50th anniversary wheels, but was told tonight on the phone they were all durabright wheels, I coulda swore the black matte ones were what I ordered. I'm debating not getting these wheels now since I didn't really want Chrome looking wheels on my Shelby. I could also just get these and black powder coat them, but Shelby also told me these wheels would have to be media blasted before powder coating.


Anyway I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Shelby said they would call me Wednesday and either refund my money or we will continue the order.




Will 20x10's fit the front of a lowered 2012 Shelby? I have the Eibach Pro kit lowering springs, that's all.


If it was you would you do 20x10's front and rear or go with the staggered set up of 20x10's in the rear and 20x9's in the front?


If anyone has a photo of a 2012 Shelby with 20x10's all the way around I would really appreciate the photo please.

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Does anyone have any photos of 20x10s 50th alcoas on the front of a 10-12 Shelby? Im thinking I fu**ed up going this direction. I think I might have wanted to stick with the 9's for the front and 10's for the rear. I initially wanted the 10's for the front and then I was going to have the rears widened to 11's but was told these will rub if I do and tires will be very limited. Now Im thinking I should just go with the 10's in the rear and try to trade out, or even have the 10 resized to 9's.

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