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Rarest Dodge Shelby Daytona ever. One of none :)

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Tip to ebay seller, Google is your friend.




How a 1987 Shelby GLHS becomes a Dodge Daytona Z is beyond me.


Best part of the sellers description:


This is an 1987 Dodge Daytona turbo Z. This is a very rare car. Only 1,000 of these cars were made that year. I have done some research and only 29 of these cars are still known to be around. Dodge took a basic Daytona and handed it to Carroll Shelby to modify. What resulted was a FWD, Turbo charged hatchback. This particular car is the turbo 2 edition putting out 170 horsepower.


Forget that its not a Dodge Daytona Z, forget that Shelby never modified Daytona's, forget that the 170hp rating is incorrect but I'd love to know his "research" led him to know that only 29 cars "are still known to be around".


The seller probably should have done some research on his $4,000.00 price ;)


FYI, this car is GLHS #959



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I'd like to know how he came up with 29 known to exist! (I'm due for a new appraisal, should I point out that exhaustive internet research indicates that it's 1 of only 29 known to exist? :hysterical: )

He's edited the ad a little since you posted SMS, at least he doesn't call it a Daytona anymore.


Too bad parts are missing, the body doesn't look too bad. Centurion II's would be a PITA to get shipped, but not too hard to find. GLHS fan might be hard to find, though. Looks like it still has the Konis and the Shelby interior bits.

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