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how to clean engine bay with polished aluminum

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I have never had to actually "wash" my engine bay yet but I do regularly clean it and I have cleaned many many many in the past...


I wipe mine down after each car wash. I use a touchless wash. After I go through the blower/dryer, I pull my car around to one of the "wand wash" bays (for shade), grab two micro fiber towels, pop the hood, the trunk and both doors then proceed to wipe off any water spots from the roof down.


While I'm at the engine bay end of the car I wipe all water from under the hood. By now one of my towels is just slightly damp and I use it to wipe off my polished Whipple 2.9L blower, the FRPP throttle body, the polished FRPP Coil Over Plug (COP) covers, the oil filler cap, radiator/IC cap, PS/WS/MC caps and the strut towers.


I also slam my doors a couple of times, my trucnk a couple of times and my hood a couple of times. That gets water out of spots that hide it and typically drip out on the way home.


Whatever you do, never never NEVER spray water onto a hot engine. And if you're using a hot water wand or steam cleaner, be absolutely sure to keep the spray away from EEC sensors and especially the Throttle Position Sensor. We had a kid that steam cleaned the engines on cars we did major work to and I was replacing TPS sensors daily. It turns out, he wasn't covering them (use a ziplock bag) and the hot water would expand the TPS housing and allow water inside which would cause all kinds of strange problems.


Wrap you open element air filter too.




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Like 2010KonaBlueGT I never had to wash mine either in 4 years, just kept up on it with detail spray and used some of the same techniques listed. However if it's gotten away from you I'd look to get some simple green and water and clean by hand with rags. Other than that I would take it to a detailer and have them do it and then keep it up going forward.


Good luck!

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