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Walter P. Chrysler Museum Closes Its Doors At End Of Month

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The WPC museum is closing its doors at the end of December. Not good news for Shelby Dodge enthusaists as the WPC museum was about the only connection with Chrysler that acknowledged the 1980's cars including the Shelby Dodge's.


Chrysler says they have no plans on selling the museum cars, lets hope that remains the case.





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The word on it here in Detroit is that the WP Chrysler Foundation which ran the museum has been operating at a substantial loss for a few years now and connot continue to go forward as it has been. Chrysler (Corp) Foundation is buying the assets of the museum from the WPC group. Chrysler Corp already owns the building and property and intends to keep the museum pretty much as it is, and it will be used for certain corporate and special or private functions. Whether it will ever be open to the public again remains to be seen, but there is no word on that happening in the near future.

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