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Recaro Seat swap - 2011


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I swear I recall reading a thread about swapping out the OEM seats for the Boss 302'ish Recaro seats. A couple questions for anyone that did this:


1. Is it plug and play for the 2011 MY?

2. Do the Recaro's have air bags?

3. I assume they are not power seats ...


Others, are there more comfortable seats that work well with the GT500 platform?

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OK, that is a fair point, I was mentally lumping the 302 seats in with the GT500, but would the 2012 GT 500 seats work in the 2011 without any serious modifications? I recall reading something about needing to change plugs and certain years just being incompatible etc.

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Based on my experience with putting a set in my 07SGT:


1. The recaro's do have airbags

2. Typically the recaro's are manual (not sure if all are since ford started to offer these in all Mustangs as an option)

3. The seats will bolt directly to the power seat rails (as such, the wiring harness stays with the rails)

4. The passenger seat has an occupancy sensing device that I had to move from the original seats over to the recaro (this also provided the wiring harness that will connect to my 07).


The 302 Recaro's and the GT-500 Recaro's are the same with the exception of leather vs. cloth (GT-500 has the leather).


I was originally leary about longer trips witht he recaro's, however, after the first long road trip (3000+ miles) I was very satisfied with their comfort on long road trips, short trips, and especially on the road course!

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As far as I am aware, you cannot buy the leather GT500 recaro seats.



Yes and no.


You can't buy the GT500 recaro seats as a complete unit. you have to buy the pieces and build them.


The covers, the foam, the springs, the frames, the slider/rack, etc.


And from what I know, they're stupid expensive to build. Something like $4500 and I'm not sure if that's a pair or each.


The FRPP recaros are very affordable, include the side air bag and are a direct retrofit to the OEM power & manual (slider) racks.




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people are D**KS. 1595.00 option from the factory. do yourself a favor and search for a guy who got them as an option, and doesn't like them. offer your stockers plus a small amount of cash, and i'm sure you can get them. A fool and his money are easily parted. Just because everybody feels the need to gouge people, don't let it happen. be patient. you will find them

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