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40 deg F + Rain


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I had the michelins on our BMW Z4. These are great tires that have super confidence in dry weather and the feel of a normal street tire in the Cold and rain. I will definitely be switching after I kill my G2s on the Shelby.


Another plus is going from run flat to non run flat tire :)

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As good as the F-1 G: 2's may be in the warm and wet, ANY situation below say 60F makes them outright miserable. I'd prefer ANYTHING else. I'm especially liking my Conti DWS, despite their narrower footprint.


VERY much thinking about the Dunlops on the GT-R which are available in BOTH run flat AND All-Season versions in compatible sizes on 20's. the problem is that 19's are just SO much more comfortable for everyday driving and only very light 20's offset the weight penalty enough to make them ideal on a track.


Still going to send a set of the SS Alcoas out for widening to run 335/30 and 285/35 with Michelins to see how they go.


Good grief. The cars themselves are the cheapest part of this whole thing. :) I swear, I must have $15K in wheels and tires just racked up.

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@ Madlock:

yeah the G2's were truely scary at anything under 60 degrees F. Although they stuck like mad on 100 degree days.




Ha! Imagine similar tires without traction control!! I replaced my Goodyear F1's on the Ford GT with Bridgestones. They stick better in temperatures cooler than the Goodyears but still broke loose at about 50*F.

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