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Black 2007 CS8 on ebay now

richard m.switzer

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"1 of only 4 automatic transmission Shelby SGT cars built in 2007" :hysterical2:

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Is an interesting car however. It says that Shelby in Vegas actually added the CS8 equipment. I wonder if that part is true. If yes, then that is a pretty interesting car for sure. Maybe the only actual CS8 Shelby GT? I agree that it's odd as to why would you add CS8 equip and appearance to a SGT?

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Sorry but this Shelby GT would not be considered a CS8 as its missing key components. Owner painted stripes would be another technical reason for not qualifying as a CS8.


Unless the seller can produce paperwork, including documentation that SAI is bending the rules just for him, this would be considered an owner modified car. Even the sellers auction description admits this. Copied directly from the auction:


"This car was Built by & for the owner of Classic Recreations."



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