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Next problem exhaust

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I made a deal with my 79 yr old mom that I would change out my mufflers . So I can live at the house on Staten island free of charge. My neighbors complained to my mom even the ones that we has known for years. They say this the loudest of all my cars and my mouth. They since I was 7yrs old and they always looked for me.

So do I change out and change them to what ????

Do they make a cap I can shove in then pull it out. It's mostly late night's and early morning that get them upset.

I have cherry bombs vortex on there now any suggestions will help.

And believe it not mom busted out her amex card to even pay for it.

Mom is a cheap woman !!!



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I got rid of my stock mufflers and may just go with the American thunder 60 series. I heard them on AM and they are quiet but anything is low key compared to mine. Even with all that insulation work my exhaust is still heard inside the car.


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