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If you could have your dream open track event up here in the North East, What would you do?


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What track? (Pocono, NJMP, etc.....)


What cars? Shelby's, Cobras, Fords, Morris Minors?


What clubs?


One day?




Design your dream event, and then be honest and say if you would attend. I ask, because it could happen......

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In the northeast, I would have to choose Lime Rock...it's only an hour from me! Beyond that, any track capable car would be fine, along with a choice of one or two days depending on the costs.

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its a private track. club/membership nonsense.


I can get on any of the others....and have.....


if I could pick one, this would be it.


Michael, let me hijack this thread for a bit and ask for your reviews of the East Coast tracks

based on driving the SGT. Actually a ranking would be just fine. I want to try them all at some

point and a priority list would be grand. So far I only have Lime Rock and Summit. NMHS will

certainly be on my schedule this year due to proximity.





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