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The Biker Build Off 2 Starts in less than an hour between Sr., Jr., Jessie James and now the Gas Monkey Crew. I am sure that Jr. will build the better Bike BUT, from the Shows I have been watching I would bet that the Gas Monkey Crew will win it because it is the newest Drama on that Chanel.

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Gas Monkey Bike isn't anything to write home about.......Jesse James PROVES yet again He believes His own Hype and living off His Ego. Sr's Bike is pretty cool BUT, Jr......Hands Down built the BEST Bike.

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I think Tonight is the Finally and the Last Show that we get to see the Tuttles Build Bikes..........................unless they continue with the Reruns. I think Discovery is losing out ending the Show (unless the Tuttles said No More). The "Fast & Loud" show sucks, They Lose Money on MOST of what they Do, reminds me of our Government and Jessee James just flat out is to much "In Love" with Himself, what Sandra saw in Him I will NEVER know.

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