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FORD, please make black Le Mans stripes optional


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Look at the new Saleen PJ edition. Black is the way to go. Make black stripes optional for Grabber Orange, Performance White, Torch Red and Tungsten.


Damn straight, buddy! As co-founder of the Grabber Orange club I would love to see black or even the Alloy color. I'm afraid that the current Tungsten may be too light. I'm still hoping...


Maybe 2008?!?!?

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I agree, the silver stripes are too close too white. Why do we need three colors so close together. How can we not have black stripes.


Before I ordered my Alloy w/tungsten coupe. I had decided for months that I would get tungsten with black stripes. You know, the whole Eleanor thing. I know we don't have yellow this year, but red w/silver looks baaaad.(not good). Orange, Tungsten, White, Red, and silver would all look very good with black stripes.


Why not have them, in the Mustang accessories book, they show BLACK STRIPES when they are trying to get you to add stripes to your Mustang V6 or GT, I just fon't get it, either. :banghead: :blink:

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