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Painting the back of the muffler cans

Cobra 29

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I just ordered the FR500s mufflers for my GT500. We put the same on my son's V6 dual pipe Mustang. I want "black out" the rear cans of the mufflers. Should I use black engine (higher temp) paint? Any ideas on how to prepare the surface so the paint will stick at first and stay that way? Thanks in advance.

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use black rustoelum. i know it sounds crazy but i've done it several times on exhaust. it will never burn off and keeps the rust at bay!


yes it does work, but make sure you clean them very good before painting, and dont forget to clean the seams very good.
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if you can find Krylon high temp paint (has bbq grille on can) use it. It is a lot more durable than the Rustoleum brand. The Rustoleum brand is also thinner and tends to run easier.


This is what you want:

Krylon 284122

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